East Oakland Youth Development Center

Oakland, CA
Completed 2016

East Oakland Youth Development Center helps to develop and prepare youth and young adults from ages 6 to 24 for employment, higher education, and community leadership. It is a home away from home, and an oasis in the heart of an inner-city neighborhood. The objective of the two new building additions was to create a safe, welcoming environment that would expand the Center’s program offerings in technology, dance, art, music, education, and nutrition, while also creating an inviting space that would support community-building, which is the core of their mission. Bold graphics on the vast expanse of glazing on the second floor provide a protective screen for the activities on the interior, while also providing a dynamic billboard that boldly advertises the values that the Center is committed to sharing and teaching.

Exterior Photography: Cesar Rubio Photography
Interior Scouting Photography: Ken Gutmaker

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