Myriad Genetics

South San Francisco
Completed 2023

Myriad Genetics, a pioneer in genetic testing and precision medicine, provides insights that help people and health care providers better detect, treat, and prevent disease.  With campuses worldwide, their South San Francisco campus focuses on women’s health and prenatal genetic testing and support.

SBA led a multidisciplinary design team to create a premiere research and testing facility to replace Myriad’s dated South San Francisco campus.  As the Architect of Record, SBA coordinated the efforts of design architects MHTN, interior designers HUB Studio, and the design/build mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and process piping teams to develop the 2-story,  55,000-sf facility.

In addition to state-of-the-art research laboratories, collaborative, flexible, and open work environments were developed on both floors.  A large, central, café-style working zone on the upper floor anchors the space, and a new open stair provides unobstructed views between the two floors, allowing for direct connection among the employees.

Photography:  Nicholas Swan

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