Summit Public Schools Office Tenant Improvement

Redwood City, CA
Completed 2019

Founded in 2003 by a group of dedicated local families, Summit Public Schools operates eleven charter schools in California and Washington, serving a diverse population of students in elementary, middle, and high school. They required a new main office for their staff of program developers, finance team, and facilities division.

SBA converted a 1960’s-era tilt-up concrete warehouse into a light-filled contemporary office. The open plan design with mezzanine provides multiple work environments to support different work styles: open plan adjustable-height desks, private work cubicles, phone booths, and a series of meeting rooms including one for podcasting. The original industrial bowstring trusses create a dynamic backdrop to the modern space while the open plan allows a visual connection throughout. The design also includes a parking lift to maximize parking spaces within the building footprint.

Photography: Cesar Rubio Photography
Parking Lift Photo: W.L. Butler Construction

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